Perdika and the beach of Karavostasi

Thesprotia lies on the Ionian Sea and along the coastline there are wonderful beaches, with gorgeous seashores and picturesque little bays. The capital ot the prefecture is Igoumenitsa, a very important and busy harbour, mainly due to the port’s connection to Italy (constituting both an entry and exit gate to Europe).

Nature has endowed this region with abundant green and magnificent beaches that await to be explored by you. As it is the case though with most seaside areas, the beauty of Thesprotia is not limited down to its natural features.

Picturesque villages, archaeological sites and tourist resorts compose the picture of an area which is nothing else but one-sided. The area is known since antiquity, as historical research has brought to light plenty of written testimonies and monuments.

Karavostasi, close to the village of Perdika, constitutes one of the most known and beautiful beaches: a long sandy beach (800 m), with all comforts, and greenery reaching down to the sea. Little tavernas, cafes, and shops complete the picture of the well-known resort. The area is ideal for everybody’s taste, as it combines cosmopolitan seashores with remote sandy beaches.

It is in this fully green scenery and close to the wonderful Ionian coast where the Hotel ELINA lies.