During your stay in the Hotel ELINA you will have the opportunity to enjoy visits and excursions to many of the sights of the neighbouring areas.

The hotel’s staff is at your disposal for information regarding sightseeing and the places you wish to visit; in addition to this, the hotel organises tours to Paxos, Corfu, Lefkada, the Monastery of Giromeri, Parga and other destinations.


The area is ideal for trekking and cycling. With your mountain-bike you can get to the natural park situated deep in the valley of Karavostasi. With a short trek you can get to the peak of the hill that overlooks the beach below the hotel, and visit the site of the ancient city of Dymokastro (400 BC). By car, within a short time, you will reach the mythological river Acheron. From there you can start a walk by the river’s cold waters, which you can cross in some places by swimming and in others with boats (rafting).

The hotel holds music nights.